What To Expect

Initial consultation

After you have made initial contact with us, we will send you a questionnaire for you to complete to provide us with a basic understanding of your situation. Then during our initial meeting we will discuss your life and financial goals and also clarify the details in the questionnaire. This consultation takes approximately one hour and is free.

In your initial consultation, we will confirm our fees and agree on the Statement of Advice (SoA) needed to meet your requirements:

Statement of Advice
Using your client questionnaire and information gathered during the initial consultation, we will assess the strategy options, modelling the likely outcomes.

We will tailor a strategy that best suits your financial and life goals and detail it in a personalised Statement of Advice.

Plan Implementation
During your second consultation, we will present the Statement of Advice and recommend the plan management and review service most appropriate for your needs.

This is the ideal time for asking questions and ensuring that you are comfortable and understand your financial plan and the Statement of Advice.

Ongoing Service
Once you agree to proceed with the advice, we will implement your financial plan and schedule future review consultation to ensure your plan remains appropriate and on track.

We will meet on an annual basis to discuss your situation and make any changes to your plan as required.

Important Information
Flynn Sprake Financial Planning will provide an updated Financial Services Guide. This contains detailed information about our service, including how we operate and how we are paid.