Claims History

Click here to see recent payment figures for insurance claims paid for a range of Flynn Sprake's clients. (Updated March 2015)

This information is alarming and demonstrates that no matter what age or sex you are, tragedy can strike when you least expect.

Here at Flynn Sprake we aim to help clients in a supportive and encouraging environment when you need it most. Flynn Sprake Financial Planning offers a personalized service to ensure you have sufficient, appropriate and cost effective personal insurance in place to provide for your needs to help minimise the monetary impact of events beyond your control. If the unexpected were to occur, we would take care of all the paperwork for you, alleviating the stress and worry associated during this difficult time.

Our service includes:

  • Understanding your individual situation and requirements and building a tailored insurance solution for you
  • Access to a wide range of quality insurance providers with proven track records in administration and claims
  • Expertise in selecting the right provider, product and strategy to suit your needs and budget
  • A review service that ensures as your situation changes your insurance requirements are adapted to suit your needs
  • Managing the entire application process from helping you complete the application to organizing medicals, financials and any other requirements until the policy is issued
  • Managing the claims process from start to finish - until the money is in YOUR bank account
  • Generous premium discounts for groups (workplace rewards and/or family)

If you need a review of your insurance's or simply want to talk to one of our Financial Advisers, please contact the office on 02 6921 1999.